We had this tasty apple almond green smoothie for breakfast one day recently – and it’s less than 200 calories. We were visiting family and used ingredients that were to hand.

When at home we have a large smoothie for breakfast, but when travelling or visiting we make a small one.  This frees up calories for that extra coffee out with friends, or menus we are not familiar with.

And yes, I did manage to transport some milk kefir grains safely so I could make some fresh kefir while there.

To do so, I make sure I add the grains to fresh whole milk the evening before I plan to leave. When I make my smoothie the next morning, I strain the grains, place them in a small plastic baggie which I close firmly. I put that inside another bag just to be safe – or inside a closed mason jar, if I’m not flying. Then I use the milk in my smoothie as usual.

As soon as I can after arriving at my destination, I place the grains in fresh milk. Why bother with the plastic bag if I’m taking a jar anyway? It just keeps the grains from being thrown around inside the jar in transport.

If you wish to reduce the calories in this smoothie a little, then use 2-3 Tbs Oats instead of the 1/4 cup listed.


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