We’re told to vary the ingredients in our smoothie to maximise the nutrients. One way to do this is to vary them by colour. So we have a white smoothie for you today.

Apple, banana and cinnamon is a tasty combination in this smoothie which is based on a recipe from LoveTelina – the details are at the end of the post.

If calories matter to you, you can vary the amount by the yogurt you choose. Full fat will have the highest calorie count, but, it will also be the most filling and will keep you going for longer.

We’ve been told for so long that fat is not good for us and that we do not need it. However, fat is filling! And choosing the right fats will benefit our health.

Use nonfat yogurt and, while having a similar amount of calcium, it will not keep you full for so long. So choose which the fat level whichever meets your needs and preferences. We’ve given an indication of the calorie count with each.

We’ve based our calorie count on nonfat yogurt, so it will be higher if you use 2% or full fat.

It’s packed full of protein, calcium, fibre and vitamins that will kick-start your day — it’s definitely the perfect breakfast smoothie!


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