I’m not good at being ‘on trend’ and keeping up with the styles and fashions of the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, blog topics, exercise or smoothies.

And it’s still a toss up between whether I prefer a tall glass of thick, tasty smoothie or a chewy, crunchy bowl of oats, yogurt and fruit – a smoothie bowl, if you will (aka Swiss meusli with fresh fruit and extra nuts!)

What about you?

I’m lazy too. So sometimes, when making a smoothie bowl, the yogurt and fruit don’t even make it to the blender. I just add all the other ingredients with the plain yogurt and fruit to my bowl – or top my oats or granola and fruit with the other tasty bits. I mean, why bother dirtying the blender, I ask you? Lol!!!

I decided I’d try this delicious recipe, from Sue at TheViewFromGreatIsland, both ways. Sue says …

I’m not a smoothie for breakfast type, I’m just not into drinking my meals … With a healthy morning smoothie bowl, loaded with fruits, nuts, and granola, I get to spoon and crunch my way to a balanced and hearty start to the day.

But many folks with a long commute think smoothies are a great way to have breakfast on the move. So we’ve covered both angles in this post.


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