I don’t know about you but I frequently change things. I got it from my mother who was always switching things around. And I’m no different with smoothie recipes. Give me a smoothie recipe and I’ll make into a smoothie bowl; give me a smoothie bowl recipe and I’ll put it in a glass.

It just goes to show how flexible smoothie recipes are.

We have three smoothie bowl recipes from Lauren at LaurenCarisCooks. Decide how you are going to have your delicious smoothie today … and tomorrow … and the day after. And as these are smoothie bowl recipes, to make each drinkable just add a little more liquid.

These delicious bowls of sunshine just make me happy in the morning, how could a breakfast that looks this pretty not make you happy?!

… smoothie bowls … such a fun way to get all that fresh produce you should be eating into your body right at the start of the day. All three of these recipes are super easy, starting with the same base and then customised. [There are no] super wacky ingredients, just good old whole ingredients.


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