I found this 3-minute video by Tyshaw Bryant (from Green Regimen) useful… Ty covers 2 topics in an interesting presentation…

  1. Probably the most common question from smoothie newbies, “Is there a blender that you would recommend?”
  2. And a wonderfully tasty & nutritious green smoothie recipe to add to your own regimen.

You’ll find the Blueberry Blast Smoothie recipe on the Next Page, followed by the video.

As Ty says…

Green Smoothies should be a vital part of any health and fitness regimen. Homemade Green Smoothie recipes will help those individuals looking to lose weight, gain muscle, enhance their workouts or achieve a six pack abs physique. Proper nutrition via Green Smoothies will enhance lean muscle growth and will allow you to live longer and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


The Green Regimen focuses on the fusion of raw foods into delicious smoothie or juice blends. The Green Regimen’s Green Smoothies are great because you can use these smoothies as meal replacements, alleviating the time consuming deed of cooking.


This week’s Smoothie is called, The Blueberry Blast. This delicious Green Smoothie is filled with Antioxidants and Fiber. So enjoy it!!!

 Coming up – the Blueberry Blast Smoothie recipe on the Next Page…