This is important! Your gut matters – and its under attack! Too many of us suffer from being overweight, low resistance to disease, and poor energy levels. I love the video below by Drew Canole CEO of It’s hugely informative about how to improve gut health.

What we put in our gut makes a huge impact on our health & vitality. But the old saying “you are what you eat” is only a part of the story. Just as important is what your gut absorbs. So if your digestion isn’t working well, you’ll not get the nutrition you need from even the best of foods.

Check out the video below by Drew Canole CEO of – you’ll discover…

  • Why Columbians are much healthier than Americans?
  • The problem is our American guts are under attack from several angles – over-use of antibiotics, increased exposure to toxins – among other things.
  • which 4 nasty chemicals are leading the attack
  • the 3 steps to a solution to these problems

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