I just found this awesome set of 27 of the best green smoothie recipes – brilliant for breakfast! The author doesn’t detail how these work for you, but she shares a TON of healthy weight loss and other green smoothie recipes. (See “Good for Weight Loss” recipe below)

There’s also a wealth of info in the individual recipes she links you to. I found some great new ideas for my own smoothie recipes

Here’s how the author – Eliza Martinez (allwomenstalk.com) – introduces her list:

Green smoothies are super easy to make and really healthy to drink. They often get their color from leafy green veggies, but the fruit masks the bitter taste of them. They load you up on nutrients and taste really wonderful. What more could you ask for in the morning?

On the Next Page, I’ve made it easy for your see the whole set at a glance to save you wading through each recipe page by page.