I’d intended going grocery shopping yesterday, but ran out of time. The cupboards are just about bare. So this morning’s smoothie was a case of what do I have left rather than being intentional.  (The resulting recipe is at the end.)

So what did I have? A day does not pass when we do not have oats in one form or another. I often use them to thicken stews and in baking as well as for breakfast, so I am rarely without any. In they went. We’d no bananas left so had to rely on the oats for some creaminess.

Another way to add creaminess is with frozen fruit and ice. So in went the frozen pineapple and mango and the frozen spinach … yes, there were no fresh greens left either, but I keep frozen spinach on hand for times such as these.

I recently started making my own kefir for its probiotic benefits, and as long as I have milk I can make it. I make just one cup at a time which is just what I need for our morning smoothies. Apparently you can also make it with coconut milk, but as I’m fairly new to making kefir I’ve yet to try that.

And, of course, some spice.


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