Like many of you, I prefer to get my nutrients from ‘real’ food and not those that have gone through a variety of processing procedures. So when I come across a high protein smoothie that does not use protein powders, I’m rather pleased – grin!

I really don’t understand why so many dieticians advocate using protein powders. PPs are the result of waste products from the cheese manufacturing industries that have had to go through a number of hoops to make them clean and safe to use. There are certainly plenty of natural, plant-based protein-rich sources available.

Case in point is this tasty banana berry smoothie from SkinnyMs. (The recipe is at the end.) The writer informs us …

This protein-rich whole grain contains all of the essential amino acids necessary for muscle and tissue repair, and is gluten-free and full of fiber.

This protein-rich smoothie requires a little preparation ahead of time, but is worth it.


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