We have guests visiting and as peaches are still in plentiful supply – and so tasty! – this was one of the smoothies we made for breakfast one day. It’s a large smoothie recipe and my blender only just coped with the quantity, but it was worth it as everyone enjoyed it. (If your blender is small you may want to make half the recipe.

Adding 3 peaches and a cup of oats to a smoothie mix sounds like a lot. However, when we served a glassful to six people, it was only half a peach each and a fraction more than 2 tablespoons of oats each. So don’t dismiss a recipe without reading through the whole thing. (Sounds a bit like the instructions teachers give to their students before exams, lol!)

I like to keep fresh spinach for my salads and usually use frozen for my smoothies. I will often wash and chop other greens and freeze them. This way I have a ready supply to add when I’m in a hurry.


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