A green smoothie, despite its popularity, can be off-putting for many.

Greens for your smoothies come in all shapes and sizes. Normally I only think of greens as spinach, kale and salad leaves.

However, avocado is also green, is it not?

Yes, it’s a bit different as it’s full of fat, but that’s healthy fat that is often missing in our diet. And, OK, yes, the nutrients are different, too, but it adds just the tiniest hint of green to your smoothie, so it’s not so hard for green-smoothie-haters to swallow! (I’m not so good with grammar, but I think that was a pun. So I can say, ‘Pun intended!’ Yes? * pleased-with-myself-little-happy-dance, Lol!)

This delicious ‘green smoothie for beginners’ is based on a recipe from Catherine at Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth – well. actually, it’s Catherine’s recipe with the addition of spinach, if you wish – and she says …

If you aren’t a fan of avocados, this is a great place to start since the flavor is very mild and almost unrecognizable in this mix of mango and yogurt.

The recipe could qualify as a light meal-replacement. However, if you wish to have a really filling recipe, replace the nonfat yogurt with 2% or even full fat yogurt – then you’ll really plow through your morning!


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