Charge your batteries with this healthy fresh orange smoothie from Susan at SimpleHealthyKitchen – details at the end of the post.

I visited friends one time just as the fresh oranges were ripening and was delighted to be able to pick some straight from the tree. This was a totally new experience for this cold-climate girl. Oh my, were they delicious! I’d never tasted oranges like them. I couldn’t get my fill and had one (or two!) every day of that trip. Wonderful.

That was early December, too. So if, like me, you cannot pick oranges from your own tree, don’t worry, these delectable fruits will be fresh in store any day now.

With Thanksgiving just over and the run into the party season now on, Susan has your back covered,. She says …

The holidays can be stressful on your body and your health. All that hustle and bustle, the gift shopping, the parties, loads of food and drinks, and probably less than optimum eating habits (I mean how is it possible to pass up ALL of the holiday cookies and goodies? Ya, it’s not!) All that fun, and time spent with family and friends…probably not enough sleep.

[So …] Here’s a tasty way to pump your body full of good stuff to help fuel you through the season.


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