• Smoothies = no limits to what you can do with them.
  • Smoothies = dessert, but much healthier!
  • Smoothies = dessert in a glass
  • Smoothies = favorite dessert in just minutes
  • Smoothie  = endless variations

…from light and fruity to rich and creamy

…from a banana split to pumpkin pie, whip it up in a smoothie version

According to Corey (familyfreshmeals.com)…

… the latest entry in my Sunday Smoothie lineup is the Cinnamon Roll Smoothie.

Basically, just imagine taking all the sweet, sticky, spicy indulgence of a fresh-baked cinnamon roll and cramming it into a glass.

The only thing you can leave out is the guilt, because this Cinnamon Roll Smoothie is low-fat and packed with healthy fruit and oatmeal.

On the Next Page…How to make a cinnamon roll you can sip through a straw!

You can’t beat that-but you can blend it….