A chocolate banana smoothie, what else?

This tasty variation on a chocolate and banana smoothie recipe is from Lucy at TheKitchenMaid.  Lucy adds tahini and a mix of seeds and nuts.  The details are on the next page, as always. Click the ‘Next Page’ button below to go straight there.

I must confess to being really confused when I started reading Lucy’s post. Well, I mean … New Year resolutions and a summer breakfast smoothie recipe in the one article? Eh? And then it dawned on me … Lucy lives in New Zealand, so her world is topsy-turvy to us here in the northern hemisphere! (Lucy will now be in the midst of winter, wanting hot porridge and such, as we hit summer and are looking for ice-cold smoothies, lol!)

So, here is what Lucy says about her recipe …

Here’s my recipe for a quick summer breakfast that a) feels like a treat and b) will keep you going until lunchtime. This is a good way to use up your stash of frozen bananas, but the rapidly ripening ones in the fruit bowl will also work well. I prefer almond milk in smoothies, but use whatever you like. I also think the banana makes it sweet enough, but add a little honey if you need an extra boost.

You can choose whether you have the whole smoothie yourself – it can easily be doubled, too. Or have two small ones; one for breakfast with perhaps a poached egg on wholegrain toast, and enjoy the other as a mid-morning snack.


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