We are always saying how flexible smoothies are. This delicious creamy recipe from Erin at WellPlated is no exception.

There are several ways for you to enjoy this tasty smoothie: as a tasty light breakfast or snack, or as a full mean-replacement. You can also vary it by having kale one day and spinach another. This will not change the flavor much, but it will save you a few calories which will allow you to double the quantity of Greek yogurt or pineapple.

Erin says …

My secrets to a kale smoothie that doesn’t taste like kale are pineapple, banana, and a touch of honey. These three sweeten and mellow the kale’s flavor so that (telltale green color aside) the kale’s taste is undetectable.


Follow up the pineapple and kale with peanut butter and Greek yogurt for protein, and you have a creamy, filling smoothie that’s


a) loaded with vegetables, but

b) doesn’t taste like vegetables, and

c) will keep you powered for hours.


… [Which makes this] your little black dress of breakfasts. It’s flattering, all about the essentials, and designed to make you feel fabulous.


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