An ice cold smoothie for breakfast or lunch on a hot day is great. It’s cool and refreshing.

So why not make smaller portions to enjoy as a snack or to cool down any time of day or night?

It’s not a new idea but certainly a good idea for hot, sultry summer days or nights! What am I talking about? Turning your healthy smoothies into fruit popsicles, of course.

It will work with just fruit or with a ‘normal’ healthy smoothie with all the bits. Try it.

Carly at RawEdibles was excited to make these popsicles. She says …

These things are amazingly tasty, and contain no added chemicals, synthetic flavours or any of that other crazy stuff you really don’t want to be putting in your body (have you read the ingredient list on some popsicles out there? It’s scary!)


If you do not have popsicle molds then make them in ice cube trays. And if you make small ice cubes then you can just pop one into your mouth any time you need to cool down!

Then again, you can just enjoy these as tasty regular chilled smoothies.


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