After a few days of celebration foods I always feel sluggish. Do you?

Fight the holiday lethargy with this tasty, nutrient-rich, superfood-packed, green smoothie – yes, I know it’s purple and not green, but that’s simply because the blueberry color dominates, lol!

The recipe comes from Lauren at TastesBetterFromScratch and you’ll find the details are on the next page at – the end of the post.

As a student Lauren says she would …

… pretty much save all of my meal plan money for smoothies. It didn’t matter if it was a blizzard outside–I would always crave a thick, cold smoothie! Plus I could bring them to class with me, which made me feel extra cool. [And now] Easy smoothies like this are still a go-to for me in the morning–I just have to make them myself now! I can throw in a bunch of spinach or kale and my little boy will still drink it like it’s ice cream! Ahh the power of the smoothie!


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