This is a smooth and creamy, luxuriously chocolaty smoothie with a boost of protein and omega-3. Just what you need when you feel the urge for some chocolate. This will satisfy your cravings for something sweet, yet still be healthy!

It’s the banana that makes it creamy and the Medjool date(s) make it sweet. (Note: the calories are calculated with just one large, luscious date, so if calories matter to you then do the math if you add more.) Then the cocoa gives it the chocolaty-ness and hemp hearts add the protein and healthy fat.

The recipe is from Angela at OhSheGlows, who says …


I wanted something that I could enjoy on a hot summer day that would satisfy a craving for something sweet, chocolaty, and cold – while still packing in tons of nutrition … This smoothie has been my saving grace and has kept me from buying expensive pints of vegan chocolate ice cream more often than not.


… this recipe [makes] 3 1/2 cups worth. When I’m feeling especially generous, I call this recipe “for two”, but there are definitely times when I chug it back faster than anyone can even see me make it.


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