Yes, there are loads of smoothies out there that are sweet treats and should be drunk in moderation. For many of us smoothies are all about being health conscious and choosing nourishing, but fast breakfasts that will keep us going till lunch. Smoothies also provide a way to get a wide variety of nutrients into our bodies as we vary the ingredients we use.

And while we strongly recommend healthy fats and protein, these can come from so many different sources that there really is no reason to get bored with your breakfast smoothies.

Coconut and hemp seeds are really healthy additions. Throw in some avocado and pineapple, as in today’s smoothie, and you have a powerhouse of nutrients!

The recipe comes from Laura at aBeautifulPlate and you’ll find it over the page. Laura says …

This was also my first time using avocado in a smoothie! I have no idea why it has taken me this long, but I loved it! It makes for an extra creamy, extra thick smoothie, and really helps make this drink more filling and hearty. Perfect for breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or a post-workout session.


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