I knew there was something missing when I read this smoothie recipe … but it took me ages to realise what it was – see the end of the post if you don’t immediately notice it. It tastes slightly different from my usual smoothies, but it’s good nonetheless :o)

The recipe contains almond milk beverage – almost a smoothie staple these days. It is great for vegans who wish to avoid animal products, as well as for those with lactose intolerances. It gives a creamy look to your smoothie. But remember, almond milk beverage does not give you any protein. Therefore, if you are not vegan and are not allergic to it, you will get about 8 grams of protein if you use dairy milk.

Or you can make your own almond milk and leave some of the almond meal in it to get your protein. It may not be so pleasant to drink as it will be slightly gritty. However, you will not notice that in your smoothie.

You’ll find a recipe in this link for homemade almond milk.  It is sweetened vanilla almond milk. If you prefer unsweetened then leave out the vanilla extract and the medjool dates.

If you are keeping an eye on the calories, then strained almond milk is only 30 cals per cup as against 83 for cup of fat free dairy milk. If you leave the meal, or add it to your smoothie separately, don’t forget to include those calories.


Today’s smoothie recipe is from Ashley at CookNourishBliss who says …

I’m actually kinda kicking myself for not adding frozen zucchini to smoothies before. I have this bizarre food intolerance to raw bananas so I love that I’ve found something else that can up the creamy factor. And while zucchini is in season you better believe that I am stocking up and freezing it like mad!


… The frozen zucchini really is key for the texture of this smoothie. So be sure to plan ahead and freeze! I tried this a few times with unfrozen zucchini and ice and it’s just kind of meh for various reasons. So freeze, freeze, freeze!!


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