Did you know it’s easy to make homemade nut milk for your smoothies and you can make it with just about any nut you can lay your hands on? I’ve given you the recipe for homemade coconut milk in a couple of earlier posts. (For the most recent see: 4-Ingredient Coconut Strawberry Smoothie)

Today we have 3 other flavors of nut milks for you to try.

The recipes come from Lindsay Landis at LoveAndOliveOil who says …

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients actually in almond milk, it’s rather… long. Does it really need to be that way? Do we really need guar gum and carrageenan and lecithin? In general, these additives are mostly preservatives, thickeners, and stabilizers, homogenizing the mixture and thickening it to more resemble cow’s milk. Without these additives, nut milk will separate.


But you know what? All you have to do is shake it. Is that really so hard …


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