A refreshing 4-ingredient smoothie made with light coconut milk for added tropical flavor.

The recipe is for one smoothie and suggests using light coconut milk from a can, but you can use full fat coconut milk if that’s what you have. Obviously the calories are much higher in full fat coconut milk, and if you pour the recipe into 2 glasses to help reduce the calories, you will only have a small smoothie each. If you decide to do this, drink it with a bowl of warming oatmeal and you will have a very filling breakfast.

However, if you just like to have a smoothie for breakfast, here’s a trick to make it go further …

Increase the orange juice to 1 cup, keep the quantity of everything else the same, add everything to your blender, and you immediately have a shareable smoothie – plus you have half the calories each!

Remember, that while the quantity may be smaller, the full fat content makes it more filling, so even with a smaller smoothie you will not be left feeling hungry and deprived.


Another trick is to double everything except the full fat coconut milk. This will give you two larger glasses or even 3 servings. Try it and see what works best for you.


Did you know you can make smoothies with a stick blender? These are sometimes called a wand blender, or immersion blender, depending on where you live. Less powerful stick blenders will only manage to blend lighter ingredients, but if you have an 800 or 900 watt stick blender, they are almost as good or better than some of their larger competitors.


The recipe is from Natalie at TastesLovely who says …

The flavors of this smoothie will transport you straight to the tropics even though it’s the dead of winter. Fresh cut pineapple, banana, orange juice and coconut milk. Bright, citrusy, coconutty, and healthy! Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, Whole30 and vegan.


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