Chase away the winter blues with this sunshine orange smoothie.

I was baking today and needed the zest from two oranges and two lemons. That was all, not the actual fruit, and I’m left with it. So I went looking for an orange smoothie recipe and found this one that fits well within our healthy eating weight loss program and will be our breakfast in the morning.

The recipe is from Jenn at DeliciouslySprinkled who says her smoothie …

… is bursting with flavor … [a] perfect way to start your day off right. It’s so delicious, it might be my new second favorite smoothie!


Filling Tip:
Fat is frightening … or it has been for the last fifty years.

Now doctors and scientists are telling us we need some fat in our diet because, apart from anything else, it makes things taste good and helps fill us up. And if we fell full we will not eat lots of other things we shouldn’t.

So use full fat yogurt if you plan to replace a meal with this smoothie. You could use 2% yogurt if you just want it as a snack, but it won’t be as filling as a full fat smoothie. (Our calorie calcs were made on the basis of full fat yogurt.)


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