A couple of days ago Genie wrote a reply to one of our readers questions (thanks Alekhya!) which I thought worth sharing with you all…

(Includes our top 3 favorite breakfast smoothie recipes on the following pages – you’ll see why below)

The question was about a challenge we’ve all faced, I’m sure: how to avoid re-gaining weight lost during an apparently successful “diet”.

Note: We must point out that we’re not qualified to advise on individual circumstances. You should always consult your local medical professional or dietician.

We can of course share our own experience of what has worked for us … in the hope it may help others or stimulate new ideas.

Here’s Genie’s reply:

What has worked for us though, in case it helps, is having a healthy meal-replacement  smoothie for breakfast, usually “green”, and typically 300-375 calories.

We then aim to balance this with 1-2 other healthy meals. When we eat out my husband & I now share 1 meal between 2, if the restaurant allows.

Combining this with a growing understanding of the nutritional value of various foods has helped us both consistently and gradually lose weight throughout the year.

We’ve made this a permanent lifestyle change because we’ve found it easy to sustain – probably because of the variety of recipes we can use and the fact that we can tailor them to our needs & preferences in terms of taste, nutrition, quantity and cost.

Ideally they should have included an exercise regime along with these habit changes, but they’ve not been quite so successful with that – yet! Even without that, between them, they’ve dropped about 55 lbs so far this year!

Ruth B

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