Another excellent weight-loss smoothie resource… This time 8 ingredients to choose from to add at breakfast smoothie time in order to get most slimming benefit. Good work again from Jenny Sugar at

Each item is explained along with its nutritional benefits and a suggested recipe to try.

Great info to bear in mind and use whenever you fancy something different without interrupting your weight-loss regime.

Here’s Jenny’s intro to her add-on ingredients…

To kick-start your metabolism, eating breakfast is key. It not only fills you up to help prevent mindless snacking on unhealthy noshables, but it also energises you for calorie-burning workouts. Smoothies are one of the best breakfasts you can have, because you can throw just about anything healthy into your blender, and all you’ll taste is the fruit.

To maximise your weight-loss potential, add these ingredients to your smoothies.

Read on for the 1st of the 8 recipes…

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