This simple green smoothie from Steve-Anna Stephens writing at SimplyRecipes (details at the end of the post) is simple but delicious. It is the latest addition to our weight loss program of recipes that form part of our healthy eating plan.

There are 5 ingredients; 6 if you use the coconut oil – and it’s worth it for the health benefits it gives. Did you know it also boosts your metabolism when you eat a meal that includes it? (Note this is while your body processes the meal and does not increase it for the whole day.)

The coconut oil is optional but Steve-Anna suggests that if you use it …

… be sure it’s slightly melted when you add it so it emulsifies and blends well into the smoothie. Otherwise, it might be lumpy, especially if you are using frozen pineapple or if you add ice cubes.


If you are new to coconut oil you should know that at room temperature in cooler climates it is a solid; in warmer climes it may be liquid, depending on the temperatures.

Fat adds lots of flavor and helps to fill you up. And the fats in coconut oil are not stored in the same way as other fats. See our earlier post for information: Triple Coconut Mango Weight-Loss Smoothie


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