Have you planned your healthy eating, weight loss program yet? Include this delicious orange, pineapple and coconut green smoothie from Dana at MinimalistBaker and you’ll be off to a good start. it’s healthy, nutritious and sooo tasty. Plus it has coconut that boosts the metabolism helping you use a few more calories.

We have a recipe for homemade coconut milk in our post Don’t Skip Breakfast! 5 Tips to Making a Great Weight-Loss Smoothie. I was surprised how easy it is to make. Plus you know exactly what goes into it – and what doesn’t!

See our notes at the end re calories in coconut milk variations.

Back to the recipe. Dana says her smoothie is …

Packed with healthy ingredients
Naturally sweet
Slightly tart
A quick + easy meal or snack

This would make the perfect on-the-go breakfast or post-gym snack for busy folks looking to get in a quick serving or two of fruits and vegetables.


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