Another tasty smoothie with pineapple to give a tropical flavor, and with peaches this time.

I was at the market this morning and the peaches were piled high at many stalls and soooo cheap!

I should have bought tons of the gems, but I didn’t have my thinking cap on, or I would have. I have a one-track mind; I was looking for one particular item and didn’t find it until the end, by which time I exited the market by another way … and I’d forgotten about the peaches! 🙁

This recipe is from David at SpicedBlog. He was having some quality time with his young son while his wife was away on business when he came up with this tasty idea. The secret to the success of this smoothie is toasted oats. He says …

Have you guys ever used toasted oats in a smoothie? Hint: Do it. They’re delicious! Using oats in a smoothie is a fun way to add extra fiber and protein, and toasting those oats adds a whole new level of flavor to your favorite smoothie … It adds such a fun new layer of flavor to the smoothie. But watch ’em closely. Burnt oats are not the flavor you’re going for. Haha!


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