Tropical flavors are always popular in smoothies. And this tasty contribution is from Sylvie at GourmandeInTheKitchen. You’ll find the recipe over on the next page.

Getting the right balance for a healthy smoothie is important, especially if you want to watch your calorie intake, or need to avoid too much sugar – even if it is natural sugar. See our comments on the next page.

Remember if there are more calories in a smoothie than you wish to consume at a given time, you can drink a smaller quantity, say half. You could then have the second glass for a snack mid-morning or later in the day.

Sylvie says there is …

… a veritable medley of bold flavors along with loads of nutrients mingling together in this icy delight. Juicy, sweet mango, pineapple and orange offer a nice boost of vitamin C along with a hint of acidity.

The bromelain in the pineapple helps with digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. The carrots add a bit more natural sweetness along with a nice dose of beta-carotene, and a touch of ginger brings a little heat and more digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits.


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