Yes! Replace a meal with this tasty apple, blackberry, cinnamon and coconut smoothie, as part of a healthy eating plan, and it can help you lose weight. It’s full of fiber which makes you feel full and moves through the gut slowly, keeping you feeling full for longer. Plus there is a little extra ‘kick’ from the metabolism-boosting coconut oil in this meal.

The recipe is from Erin Clarke at WellPlated – with just a couple little additions to make it a fuller meal! Erin equates smoothies with paradise. She says …

… I bet Eve didn’t even have to wash the blender, which is just about the only non-heavenly aspect of smoothie making I can divine, aside from the blender noise.

(Note: Blender noise is only an issue if you wake up an hour before your husband and must carry your blender out into the apartment complex foyer to make your smoothie without waking him. Last week, one of my neighbors asked for a sip.)



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