There is only a tiny-little beet in this tasty smoothie, yet it adds so much color to the final product. And because there is so little, it also makes it a great way to introduce beets to those who may not like them.

The original recipe, on which this one is based, uses a purchased protein shake as one of the ingredients. However, we opted to go without the artificial flavorings and switched that out, adding dairy products instead. Then we increased the oats to add even more protein and fiber. We always like to include cottage cheese or yogurt, too, as these give a good helping of protein and also add some probiotics which, with regular use, are great for keeping your digestive system healthy.

The other thing to note is you can choose the level of fat in your dairy. Low fat will be less calories, however a high fat content adds substantially to flavor and to the fill-me-up and the keep-me-going-till-lunch factors.

The recipe is based on one from Shashi Charles at SavorySpin who has some wonderful recipes. Shashi loves beets and has incorporated them in just about everything, lol. If you’d like her original recipe then click through on the link on the next page.


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