I haven’t tried pistachios in a smoothie before, have you? The nuts are wonderfully green … I wonder if the Hulk overdosed on them and that’s why he’s green? OK, maybe not, then, lol!

This tasty recipe is part of a series of smoothie recipes to help reduce belly fat when taken as part of a healthy eating program. Excess abdominal fat is a heart risk, and reducing it, as well as making you look and feel better, is likely to improve your health.

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The author tells us a bit about pistachios. He says …

Those Hulk-colored nuts have their own special fat-burning powers. In a recent study, two groups followed nearly identical diet and exercise regimens; however, one of the groups was fed unsalted pistachios, while the other group was not. Surprisingly enough, the pistachio group members lost more belly chub and showed better improvements in their blood glucose and cholesterol levels than the control group participants.


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