Now how confusing a title is that? This tasty smoothie is pink. It’s got coconut in it. It has veggies in it. So that’s a ‘green’ smoothie, then? Yes, yes, yes! So, it’s a pink, coconut, green smoothie. (What a difference punctuation makes to understanding the meaning of a sentence.)

We think bananas are amazing and so healthy. However, some folks do not agree with that, so every now and again we include a smoothie recipe that does not contain banana.

This smoothie is full of healthy nutrients including healthy fat, carotene, betaine, Vitamin C and fiber, to mention just a few. If the hot pink is too much for you first thing in the morning, then add a couple of handfuls of greens to reduce the glare, lol! But, believe me, it’s good.

This is a naturally sweet smoothie as both the beet and carrot are sweet.

The recipe comes from Robyn Openshaw at GreenSmoothieGirl. You’ll find the details at the end of the post. Robyn likes to get some extra probiotic benefits so she says …

I’ve evolved this recipe to also cover PROBIOTIC needs. I use water kefir grains to “ferment” the coconut water. You can buy it canned with no additives and some brands are even organic. I get canned coconut water at Costco or the health food store (where they sometimes have case sales). Every day, I strain the coconut water “kefir” into my blender and add another can to the jar of water kefir grains. (You can buy grains online or at many health food stores.)

Fermenting your coconut water is a very easy HABIT you can start that will really improve your digestive health and your immune function. I do not like “water kefir” because of the sugar.


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