This is a protein-rich smoothie without that horrible chalky-tasting protein powder. Well, why go for an imitation when you can get the real thing from real foods? We certainly like to encourage you to do that when you can. Obviously if you’ve bought a giant tub of expensive protein powder you might not want to ditch it before you get your money’s worth.

Instead this smoothie get it’s protein from hemp hearts, nut butter and almond milk. These ingredients are also full of fiber which is not the case with protein powder. Plus they are rich in other nutrients.

The recipe is from Jennifer at EdibleSoundBites who says …

I find smoothies always seem like they’re so easy to make. Throw some things into the blender, whaz it up, and you’re done. But sometimes they come out tasting just plain nasty … chalky texture and all. Smoothie making can certainly be an art form.

That’s where this vegan protein shake comes in. Cookie dough in smoothie form … what could be better?


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