Smoothies are quick and easy breakfasts for busy adults and make great after-school snacks for the kids. You can even drink a small one while preparing the evening meal to stop you snacking on those chips in the cupboard!

There is no right or wrong way to smoothie! If you think you are too busy to make one in the rush of the morning, make it the night before and keep in the refrigerator. Then come morning you just have to reach in, grab and drink – or take it with you on the bus or as you [power-] walk.

And smoothies are great for kids, too.

Do not be afraid to give your kids full fat milk as a snack, especially if they are very active. For example after school and before you drop them off for soccer practice or gym class. If they are just going to laze around with a book or in front of the computer till meal time then stick with 2% milk. I would skip the nonfat milk unless they under a healthcare provider to lose weight.


I’m with Melissa Griffiths at BlessThisMessPlease when she says …

Bananas are the backbone of my simple smoothie recipes. They add so much creaminess, and natural sweetness, while being inexpensive.

However, I’m aware that not everyone likes banana in their smoothies. So Melissa also suggests some ways to smoothie without bananas …

If you aren’t into bananas, you can add some Greek yogurt + sweetener [optional, but not necessary if your fruit is ripe] + ice or a half of avocado + sweetener [e.g. honey or maple syrup] + ice. Those two combos will replace a banana nicely in a smoothie and still give you a nice rich and smooth texture.


We are often asked if a particular smoothie recipe is suitable for diabetics. If this is a concern for you, check out our post 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics.  If you have any further concerns then discuss it with your healthcare provider.


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