Mango and raspberries give a delicious, slightly sharp smoothie option that is very refreshing.

I rarely add sweeteners to my smoothies. However, if this is a tad sharp for your tastes then you could add a teaspoonful of raw honey or maple syrup. Being able to adjust smoothies to your own preferences is what is so good about them.

That’s not to say I never want a smoothie to be a little sweeter. If that’s the case I’ll add 4 small dried dates or 2 Medjool dates which will do the trick nicely.

This smoothie is made with an easy and pretty two-layer effect.

If you are lazy like me and don’t want to have to wash your blender between layers, or you are in a hurry, it’s good to know this lovely smoothie tastes just as good if you throw everything into your blender together. You lose the pretty layering effect, but maybe that’s not so important when you are in a hurry – and it’s good to know it will still work well.

The recipe is from Sarah at WholeAndHeavenlyOven who says …

This pretty layered mango raspberry smoothie is SO easy to blend up you’ll want to make it every single morning! The two colorful layers of smoothie goodness will start any morning off right.


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