Mmm! I love coconut smoothies and I love the elegance of 2-layered smoothies – although I usually find mine never look as good as the original ones. Sad but true, I know. But I’ve learned it doesn’t really matter and that I can have an interesting looking smoothie anyway just by giving it a gentle little swirl when one fails to sit on top of the other. So all is not totally lost in the looks department, lol!

It’s the flavor that really counts, though … plus the nutrients a smoothie offers.

Anyway, this one is rich in Vitamin C, fiber and healthy fat, not to mention all the other exciting things that coconut does, like help keep me feeling full and helping me get rid of excess fat!

The recipe comes from Elsie Larson at aBeautifulMess. Although I tampered with it a little and used coconut milk as well as the coconut ice cubes.


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