We love smoothies here. You guessed it? That’s because it’s a great way to get extra nutrients into us … without being picky or retching over the greens! Are you with me on that?

Not only are smoothies good for us but they are good for our kids, too.

Your kids may already be back at school, or maybe they’re just about to go back. Determine to send them off each morning with an easy, healthy breakfast, full of great nutrients that will help them do their best.

And have one yourself!

As a teenager, I’d usually have a glass of milk and then head out the door. Now, while milk is good for you, it’s not enough for an active, energetic child or teenager. I didn’t realise this. (Mom did, but what teenager listens to her Mom? Sorry, Mom!)

I was always weary at morning break and wanted to grab a cookie. It took me a long time to realise that filling up on a healthy breakfast would be soooo much more effective. (Well, actually, I didn’t learn that until many, many years later, lol!)

If my teenage self had known about smoothies, well …

Anyway, we have some tips to making healthy smoothies your kids will enjoy from Alina at Orgali. Based on Calgary, Alberta, Alina has a medical degree, an MSc in Biochemistry and is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, so she knows a thing or two about health!


Alina’s top tips include:

  1. Use coconut water as a base because it has electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, etc. – my comments … it’s flavorful and light in calories, or mineral water is a good option, too, giving a few minerals;
  2. Add at least one vegetable, raw or lightly cooked – my comments … use a little if you want to keep the vibrant color of the fruits you use;
  3. Adding fruits make a smoothie palatable to picky eaters and masks the veggies;
  4. Include avocado, nuts or seeds for healthy fats;
  5. Other tasty and nutritious things include, oats, probiotics like yogurt and kefir, maple syrup or raw honey, natural vanilla* and cocoa – not just because it’s chocolate but because there are tons of nutrients, too.

* Infuse natural vanilla flavor into the liquid you plan to use in your smoothies. Add a vanilla bean pod and soak at least overnight if not a little longer. You can then rinse off the pod, dry it and use it again.


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