Questions, questions … shall I make one smoothie today … or 7? Or just enough for breakfast and lunch? Oh, what to do???

To help you choose we have a recipe suitable for a whole week of breakfasts, PLUS what you need for a single portion. So read on.

So, 7 smoothies – that’s one week’s supply of green smoothies, or one morning’s supply for a family. And while there may not be seven in your family, is there not usually someone (or more) who wants a second helping? And a 2nd helping of smoothie is good, yes?

Or you can adjust the amount of protein you include and divide it into 5 for workday mornings.

We’re always saying smoothies are flexible.


Whatever you decide to do, store the extra in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, or freeze in mason jars. Remember to leave at least an inch of head room in the jars as the mix will expand when frozen. Defrost in the refrigerator the night before you need it.


Making a huge quantity is all very well if you have a huge blender – and a freezer! But then not everyone has a blender that can cope with the quantity of ingredients to make 7 smoothies in one go! So we have divided the whole batch into 3 to make it easy for you. And at the end of each line of ingredients, in brackets, is the amount you will need to make one third of the recipe.

The other thing to note is that if you do not want to use protein powder, as per the recipe, then what do you do? You could just drink the smoothie without it. However, we have said many times, it is better to include some whole grains and healthy fat to even out blood sugar levels. So … drink your green, fruit and veggie smoothie while you eat some whole grain toast, porridge or eggs, etc OR include some nut butter or hemp hearts and oats in the whole mix.

The choice is yours :o)


The original recipe is from Jill from HomeAtSix, who says …

I love my green smoothies. They help set the tone for a healthy day, and they make me feel better on those days when they’re the only green thing I eat.


I really struggle to get myself out the door in the mornings … making a smoothie before heading to work. It just doesn’t happen. So to make sure that I don’t miss out on my smoothie, I try to make a big batch once per week, so that my freezer and fridge are stocked and I can just grab-and-go.


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