Are you a 1-smoothie kind of gal/guy and enjoy it every day? Or do you like variety?

(Plenty of variety here for you today… 5 recipes on the next pages, plus a video demo to wrap it up at the end.)

I like variety, so when I found these smoothie-a-day recipes for 5 weekday mornings I thought this was just what I needed to get me back track with my weight loss plan. Despite all the recipes we have on the site, I have not been following any recipes recently and just throwing in what is to hand. As a result I’m not continuing to lose weight. *sad face* The calorie-count was slipping up while I was not paying attention.

So to get back on track I’m going to follow these recipes from Olga at FabLunch, who thinks …

… smoothies are the ultimate breakfast food. They are easy to make and provide your body with the necessary dose of nutrients to face the day with a bang.

Note: While these recipes are all delicious, they will only help you lose weight as part of a healthy eating plan. There is no magic in and of themselves.


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