If you read a recipe (smoothie or anything else) and decide it’s too high in calories, carbs or whatever you watch out for, remember you don’t have to have it all! A simple solution to reducing your calorie intake is to take just half of something instead of all of it.

It can take a while for us to get our heads around the idea of not finishing what is on our plate. But it’s worth doing as it stops you feeling deprived when you can have a taste of everything – especially during the holidays. And that is significant when you are trying to lose weight.

Another thing to remember is that all calories are not equal. Some are better for you than others, even although you take more of them. Case in point being coconut.

This delicious smoothie is from Skinnyms. The author writes …

A coconut milk smoothie is an excellent option for vegans and those choosing to go dairy-free for other reasons. Coconut milk contains healthy fat and is a great alternative to cow’s milk. It also gives your smoothie a creamier texture than almond milk, juice, or water. You’ll swear you are enjoying a thick, creamy milkshake, minus all the unhealthy ingredients.


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