Try this delicious “wine” recipe (non-alcoholic) – its designed to help you shed belly fat while minimising feelings of hunger or food cravings. Share with friends & family – or even at social gatherings instead of a more traditional glass of wine.

Another excellent contribution to your portfolio of healthy, weight loss drinks, the article includes some good info on how the key ingredients work in your body to reduce weight, especially in the belly area.


Anthocyanins is the buzzword here. Besides giving grapes their vibrant color, research shows these plant chemicals also burn abdominal fat.

  • The fat tissue in the belly is more easily burned than fat in other areas and may be more sensitive to the effects of anthocyanins, says University of Michigan researcher Mitch Seymour, Ph.D.
  • These colorful fruits are also rich in heart-healthy anti-oxidants and fiber-so include them in your daily servings regularly.

New studies by Texas AgriLife Research suggest peaches, plums and nectarines may help ward off metabolic syndrome (a name for a group of risk factors, of which belly fat is a predominant determinant)  that increase the risk for obesity-related diseases including diabetes.

  • The belly-good properties of stone fruits come from powerful phenolic compounds that can modulate fat-gene expression.
  • Better yet, fruits with pits are among the lowest in fructose or fruit sugar.

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