There’s big problem with holidays and vacations… too many of us binge on treats, snacks and richer food than we normally would. And the result can be a serious doze of bloating and gas! Not popular! And this is where a healthy green smoothie can make the world of a difference – by helping cleanse the digestive system and bring quick relief for the bloating.

Danielle (at writes about her recent experience of this and recommends this healthy probiotic smoothie which worked so well for her to recover her digestion and build immunity. This smoothie also tastes delicious!

The secret weapon for this smoothie recipe is Coconut Water Kefir – an amazing ingredient which helps heal the digestive system and liver. It also strengthens the immune system – a major factor contributing to good health.

The many benefits of drinking coconut water kefir include…

  1. Stops sugar cravings
  2. Aids digestion of all foods
  3. It has a tonifying affect on the intestines, even flattening the abdomen

For Danielle, green smoothies are…

… my number one go-to food to keep my body on track. If I had to choose just one food out of all of the healthy foods I eat, this would be the one.

I drink them almost every morning because they are energizing, hydrating and it’s really easy to get several servings of vegetables from just one green smoothie.

Having this for breakfast will start your day on the right track to getting all of the live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fiber your body needs to perform its best!

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