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I love bananas in my smoothies. They’re just not right without them, lol!

I like to eat bananas that are firm. However, I like to buy more bananas than I expect to need and when they ripen (and I no longer like to eat them) I chop them and freeze them ready for making smoothies.

We sometimes get comments that bananas have too much sugar. I’ve learned that eating the sugar in fruits with protein and healthy fats helps prevent a spike in blood sugar levels.

Our bodies need carbohydrates for energy, just as they require protein to maintain and build cells, and fats to protect our organs and help absorb certain nutrients.

Let me set your mind at rest about bananas with this comment from Lauren Blake, R.D. from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, who says …

100 calories of a banana, which contains several essential nutrients, antioxidants, and a fair amount of fiber, are metabolized much differently than 100 calories of a candy bar, which is loaded with simple sugar.


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