It takes a lot to beat a good strawberry and coconut smoothie, in my opinion. And I think a lot of you agree, judging by the response to some of our previous strawberry and coconut smoothie recipes.

There are three types of coconut in this recipe, so maybe I should have called a triple coconut smoothie or a 2-ingredient smoothie – not 5, lol!

Whatever it’s called, this tasty smoothie recipe is another winner, I think. And, as always, it is flexible.

What’s flexible about it, I hear you ask? Well, no coconut milk? No problem! Use almond milk instead. Or use canned coconut milk for a really decadent result – but don’t forget the calorie difference, if it matters to you! That said, a full-fat coconut milk adds hugely to the feel-full factor, so don’t dismiss it. And on balance, while your calorie intake with full-fat ingredients is higher, because they help you feel so full you eat less of other things.

Don’t like oats? OK, skip the oats. However, have some wholegrain and protein in another form, for example, add chia seeds, and eat a slice of wholegrain toast with your smoothie. In fact, I’m sure you could even add the slice of toast to your blender, if you wanted to.

The recipe is based on one from JessicaInTheKitchen, and Jessica reminds us how good coconuts and coconut water are for us due to the nutrients and electrolytes they contain. However, just how different is this comment from Jessica …

I don’t know why but instead of buying coconut water I insisted that we needed FRESH coconut water, which is of course the best, so off to my backyard the Mr. and I went!

*sigh* Most of us can only dream of gathering fresh coconuts from our backyard!

Mind you, having seen the effort involved in removing the husk to reach the coconut, maybe it’ll just stay a dream. And I’ll just go to the store, lol!


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