We frequently say that smoothies are a fast breakfast option. Sometimes that’s true, but I oftentimes find it takes a little longer than expected to get all the ingredients ready.. However, this tropical smoothie with hemp hearts really is a fast and tasty treat.

And it will become an even faster smoothie-making breakfast option if you prepare and freeze your fruit ahead of time. That way you only have to measure out your milk, grab the two little bags of fruit from the freezer that you prepared earlier and spoon in the seeds. The longest part will be the blending rather than the prepping.

Of course it will be an entirely different matter if you don’t have the ingredients handy. Another reason we recommend preparing and freezing fruit in advance, then it’s always there when you want it.

The recipe is from Cassie at VeganInsanity, who says pineapple …

… is one of my favourite fruits that I don’t buy year-round because they taste best only when in season.

And there is another reason for freezing your prepared fruit!


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