With oranges and mandarins in season at the moment it’s good to find smoothie recipes that use them. Like this delicious mandarin and hemp hearts green smoothie from Julie, the Simple-Veganista.

Personally, I don’t like hemp seeds, but I love hemp hearts which are the seeds with the hard outer shell removed. As well as using them in smoothies for a great boost of healthy fats and protein, I love to sprinkle them over meusli or salads.

I’m almost out of them and was about to order more when In noticed the price had increased by more than 25%! So I’m looking for a new supplier!

Anyway, Julie tells us that …

Hemp seeds are amazingly healthy and a great source of protein for those living the plant based lifestyle. Containing all of the essential amino acids, they are a complete protein. Unlike soy protein, hemp protein is readily digestible. It contains no gluten and has a perfect Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio, part of that Omega-6 is the highly sought after fatty acid, GLA (Gamma linolinec Acid). GLA fights inflammation and Platelet-stickiness…also, us women can take it for PMS.


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