I just found this cool smoothie recipe where they claim to have captured the secret ingredient mix to shedding tummy fat.

They explain briefly how these work in your body as a meal-replacement breakfast smoothie, and of course provide their recipe. It’ll not only help you towards your weight goals, but give you some additional ideas for ingredients in your own smoothie recipes.

(We also debunk the myths which claim “bananas are bad for you”, and evaluate flaxseed as a “superfood”. But you can skip these if you prefer and go on to the recipe. Just click “Next Page”)

As FitFoodHouse.com says…

If you want to be slim and healthy this summer, then you definitely have to try this delicious and very refreshing banana drink!

Luckily, bananas are a type of fruit that is allowed to be consumed while on a diet because this super-fruit contains a high level of potassium that helps to eliminate toxins from one’s body.

Besides this, when bananas are combined with flax or spinach, they boost the work of the metabolism and thus help the process of weight loss.

Like to discover the secret banana smoothie drink for a flatter tummy? Here’s how…

Keep in mind though that you need to drink this regularly to see the effect in just a week or so.

Check out the recipe (a couple of pages ahead) and let me know what you think…but first, see a question we are often asked – on the Next Page…