We all know just how debilitating an upset tummy can be. But I learned a lot from this video (and article) by Drew Canole about just how strong a link there is from our gut health to our moods, energy levels and our feelings of wellbeing (or otherwise!).

Drew explains the links from unhealthy gut leading to shortage of seratonin, which in turn produces feelings of depression, and lethargy.

The good news is that Drew doesn’t stop there. He discusses 7 tips & strategies to improve your gut health. (By the way, no. 2 = juicing daily.)

Watch the video below for an interesting and educational presentation. It just might help.

See below for the “Sunshine in a Cup” juice recipe Drew mentions (In the video around 8:40.)

If you prefer to read the original article, click the “article source” link below the video

Drew’s “Sunshine in a Cup” Juice Recipe
4 kale leaves (any type*)
Red pepper- 1/4 piece – for sweetness & vitamin B6 – essential for serotonin production
Ginger piece – helps thin the blood, cognitive function
Lemon – good to alkaline your gut & enhance flavor
Celery – large stick – adds liquid & many minerals that aid metabolism

*For example, red kale is loaded with magnesium – essential for serotonin production (among 400 other chemical reactions!)

Article source: fitlife.tv