For the next in our mini-series on Healthy Smoothies for Weight-Loss…we’re discussing the Benefits of Drinking Your Nutrients, and the many reasons why smoothies are better than juicing for most people’s digestive health and energy levels.

For most people smoothies are really useful for getting things moving and consuming the whole food, not just the juice, has endless benefits

You’ll discover why…

  • smoothies with their Fiber content are so much better than juices for your digestion
  • the Whole Foods in Smoothies deliver a longer-lasting energy boost
  • your Blood Sugar Response is much less volatile on drinking a green smoothie than snacking on doughnuts
  • incorporating easy to digest smoothies in your diet will add energy and re-invigorate you

According to Chantelle Zakariasen ( here’s the problem, and an intro to the solution (no pun intended!)

There’s no denying that we live in the age of business. This is often a good excuse for people to make really poor food choices.

When fast food is your only option, well, you’re certainly not going to let yourself starve. But you do starve nutritionally when you choose sugar and refined carbohydrate foods as your main fuel.

Smoothies offer a convenient solution to this problem. Only about 9-14% of Americans are consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day.

You can make a green smoothie in under 5 minutes, stick it in a thermos and run out the door. Problem solved and you don’t have to eat donuts for breakfast ever again.


Time saving tip coming on Next Page (and recipe following that…)